Dear all,
This is Nori, the representative. Our company, whose mission is to "Solve the inconvenience of clothing", was able to enter the third term of its founding thanks to everyone's support and support. In 2021, thanks to everyone's support, we launched the brand, started product development, opened the website, crowdfunded, and started selling two products, and carewill was able to give birth safely. Furthermore, winning the "Good Design Award" for the Arm -sling Cape encourages the business. This year, we will continue to make our business strong and sustainable by connecting with more users, partners, and fans through products and real/digital touchpoints in order to "solve the inconvenience of clothing" so please continually support us this year.

carewill, INC.
CEO Kiyonori Oinuma (Nori)


carewill is a collaborative effort among users, nursing, rehabilitation, and medical professionals, designers, pattern makers, individual sewers, and production factories. Why don't you join us to solve the problem of clothing inconvenience?


(1) Evangelist User (EU)
Suffering individuals from a specific injury or illness and can cooperate in product development and improvement, in addition to brand awareness through wearing monitors.
(2) Medical / Care Professionals
Occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, and care workers who wish to participate as members involved in communication or research team.
(3) Patterner
Suffering individuals from a specific injury or illness, have advanced pattern making skills, and can draw rough design pictures.
(4) Elderly Sewer
65 years old or older individuals who have graduated from a dressmaking school, have advanced sewing techniques, and can be involved in making clothes.
(5) Home Craftsman
Individuals who have or have been repairing ready-made clothes or handmade for those requiring long-term care at home.
(6) Student Intern
Students who are majoring in medical care, nursing, welfare and product design, and interested in this project.


(1) Hospitals / Facilities / Offices
Medical corporations, social welfare corporations, rehabilitation/nursing care/nursing offices, etc. that are interested in product testing, training seminars, clinical research, and sales partnerships.
(2) Educational institutions
Vocational schools and universities interested in conducting school classes, joint research, industry-university collaboration projects, and internships.