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carewill’s service started with haute couture to help each person with their “clothing inconvenience”. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. (20 questions)

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Online Hearing

Finalize clothing specifications, proce, and deliverly date.
(A ohoto of your favorite outfit will help.)


Production & Nanban

Delivered to your home.
(You may be askked select a fabric sample at the production stage.



Payment by credit card or bak transfer


The answers you provide here are the basic information needed to begin the haute couture process. After we receive the form, we will have a more detailed interview with you, and then we will provide you with a final design and price.

Please click or tap the appropriate area. ※ Multiple answers are possible.

Right shoulder Left shoulder Right upper Left upper Right elbow Left elbow Right forearm Left forearm Right wrist Left wrist Right finger Left finger

If you have a catheter, shunt, or other tube running through your body, please tell us the part of your body that is affected.

If you need assistance with changing clothes (i.e., someone to help you undress), please tell us who the helper is.

When you put on or take off a "wear it over your head" jacket (non-front-opening clothes such as T-shirts, sweaters, etc.), please select the part of the clothes that you think would make it easier to put on or take off.
Please click or tap the appropriate area *Multiple answers are possible

Neckline Sleeve seam Chest measurement Girth of the abdomen Sleeve width

How inconvenient is it for the wearer to put on and take off a "wear it over your head" jacket upper garments (clothes that do not open in front, such as T-shirts and sweaters)?

Please tell us the most inconvenient actions you take when putting on and taking off a "wear it over your head" jacket. ※ Multiple answers are acceptable.

If you have any additional explanation, please fill in the form.

Please let us know if there are any other inconveniences in putting on and taking off a "wear it over your head" jacket.
Multiple answers are acceptable.

Do you ever wear clothes "from the bottom up," as in this video?

※ If the size is 32.4cm, please enter 32.4.

(1)Around the neck
(2)Shoulder width
(3)Length of a sleeve
(4)Chest measurement
(5)Girth of the abdomen
(6)Around the wrist
(7)Dress length

The length of the "clothes" you want to wear.

Material requirements

Length requirements

How much room do you want?

What is your preference for delivery time?