E-commerce Strategy Planning and Execution

We provide retail owner companies and manufacturers that handle consumer goods with strong brand power to launch and strengthen e-commerce, support the design and execution of operations, and provide coaching until the site runs on its own.

< Case>
Mid-sized toy makers: EC operation execution support, sales channel expansion
Mid-sized apparel: CRM strategy planning, business format conversion by DX
Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry: Management of EC sales promotion measures
Online travel agency: Case study of new business planning


E-Commerce / Retail Industry Telephone-advisory

Talk over the phone about your retail and e-commerce industry insights, market trends and future prospects. We provide opportunities for deep discussions at low cost without going through research companies such as GLG, Guidepoint, and Mímir.

< Theme>
Player companies' strategies in the EC market
EC: Direct sales / mall opening, balance structure of mall operators
Store-type retail vs amazon, Rakuten
EC strategy for store-type retailers
EC strategy for contact lenses and pharmaceuticals, market trends


Startup and Acceleration Support

We support startups from side businesses, establishment of corporations, strategy and business plans for the first and second phases until the start-up of the main business, planning of action plans, financing, and organization building including recruitment while accompanying the founder.

< Theme>
How to proceed with side business while working
How to make external connections
Financing less than a year old
Introduction of tax accountant
Opening a corporate bank account


Corporate Client Agency

From our 1,700 company and 2,600 business network, we will carefully select and introduce the loose connections that can be corporate prospects, supporters, mentors, future partners and employees according to your needs.

< Industry>
EC platformer
PE fund
IT, strategy consulting
Japanese apparel
Major medical corporation, social welfare corporation


System Engineering Agency

EC site development that has already been dealt with and is reliable • Introducing outsourced operations, engineers, amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo stores • Advisors for listing, store openings • Operators after listing.

<Consignment business>
In-house EC site maintenance operation
I / F development accompanying the opening of Yahoo shopping
Application procedure for opening a store in amazon Seller Central
Operation of amazon Vendor Central Procedure for opening a store in Rakuten Ichiba