Occupational therapist supervision! How to wear when your shoulder hurts and you can't wear clothes

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Forty shoulders, frozen shoulders (shoulder periarthritis), recovery period after broken bones, etc. Are you worried that your shoulders hurt and you can't wear clothes?

This time, I will tell you how to wear clothes easily for those who can not wear clothes because of shoulder pain. The reason I decided to write this article was because a friend of mine (the person in the middle) was in trouble because of her frozen shoulders, "I can't wear my usual clothes."

Instead of "wearing clothes that are easy to wear", "how to wear everyday clothes that you like".
Haru, an occupational therapist, taught me how to wear the following three types of clothes, so I will explain in detail with videos and photos.

① Blouse with tight armholes ② Tight elastic material (bra top, etc.)
③ Back zipper type dress


In the second half, we also suggest Carewill's "arm sling cape + tank top" as a comfortable and stylish outfit.
In addition, I will tell you about the ingenuity of life that makes it difficult for shoulders to hurt .
I would appreciate it if you could watch it until the end!